Rep. Sam Yingling
(D-Round Lake Beach)

62nd District

District Office:
20 W. North St.
Hainesville, IL 60030
(847) 231-6262
(847) 231-6102 (fax)

Capitol Office
258-W Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-7320

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A third-generation resident of central Lake County, Sam Yingling represents the 62nd District, which includes portions of Gages Lake, Grayslake, Hainesville, the Round Lake communities, Third Lake, Wauconda and Wildwood

As a realtor and owner of a local advertising company, Sam became involved with the Round Lake Area Chamber of Commerce. Committed to serving the community that has given so much to him and his family, Sam served as Avon Township Supervisor, where he returned $25,000 of his own salary, giving back a pay raise that was put in place by the previous administration. Sam also lowered township taxes every year he was in office and reduced Avon Township's operating expenses by 20 percent. To hold the line on property taxes, Sam supports legislation prohibiting taxes from increasing when home values decline.

During his first term as state representative, Sam worked to cut the cost of government and prioritize spending to protect vital services like education, public safety and programs for seniors and veterans by scrutinizing the budget line by line. Sam voted to cut lawmakers' pay, including his own. Additionally, Sam helped pass new reforms allowing taxpayers to consolidate duplicative government services, a first step toward larger reforms reducing Illinois' many layers of local government. Sam believes the state should be doing a better job protecting taxpayer dollars, which is why he supports eliminating free health care for retired politicians and prohibiting former politicians charged with a felony from receiving a state pension.

Sam will continue working for Lake County's middle-class families by fighting for an environment that better fosters economic growth and job creation. Sam supports legislation requiring any corporation that ships jobs out of state to return any tax breaks they received To protect our tax dollars from large corporations more interested in boosting their CEOs' profits than investing in our communities,.

Too many families in our communities have suffered unspeakable grief of a loved one due to the deadly addiction of heroin. Yingling supported legislation creating the Young Adults Heroin Use Task Force to address the growing problem of heroin use in high schools across Illinois.

Sam knows there is much more work to be done to get Illinois back on track. He will continue to demand fiscal responsibility, oppose tax increases on middle-class families, fight for property tax relief, and protect the critical services that local families, students and seniors depend on.

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